The patented STEAM.Maxi™ technology carries out any type of steaming, even the most delicate processes starting at 35C, with absolute precision.

This result is possible thanks to the production of steam that is up to 3 times superior to that obtained with traditional direct-injection ovens when using the same amount of water. The result is identical to, if not better than that obtained when using a boiler combi oven. But with a much higher energy efficiency.

Steaming is used both in professional gastronomy and professional bakery and patisserie. In gastronomy it allows you to cook healthy and tasty food: proteins, vitamins and mineral salts are not damaged and the nutritional quality, the aroma and the flavour are preserved. In addition it allows you to cook without the use of oil or condiments, guaranteeing a light and genuine diet.
In patisserie processes steaming at low temperatures is used as an alternative to traditional immersion methods for the pasteurization of creams and other foods. Adding humidity for the first few minutes of the cooking process of leavened products facilitates the development of the internal structure and the golden colour of the external surfaces.

STEAM.Maxi™ technology takes advantage of the high speed of the fans and the special geometric form of the blades and of the patented control of the introduction of water. The cold steam generated at just 35C is then brought to the set temperature through the heating element.