DRY.Plus™ is the Unox technology that allows humid air to be rapidly removed from the cooking chamber to exhalt the flavour and preserve the integrity of the products in the oven to give an always excellent result.

DRY.Plus™ technology is used in ChefLux, BakerLux, LineMiss and LineMicro ovens.

In gastronomy , especially for the browning and grilling of meat, DRY.Plus™ technology allows the surface pores to close, protecting the product from weight loss and less intense flavours.
In bakery and patisserie the presence of humidity in the final phases of the baking process can impair the consistancy of the product and compromise the desired results. DRY.Plus™ technology assures the final result: the product remains attractive and crunchy even hours after it has been baked.

DRY.Plus™ technology combines the presence of dry air in the cooking chamber with the extraction of humidity through one or more chimneys. It is the perfect partner for STEAM.Plus™ in the management of the level of humidity within the cooking chamber.