New MIND.Maps™ ovens launched in style at Stanbrook Abbey

Date: Friday, October 23, 2015

Unox UK were delighted to launch the new CHEFTOP and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens during an exclusive event held at Stanbrook Abbey in Worcestershire on the 16th September 2015.

Gary Nunn, Managing Director of Unox UK ran though the key features of the most advanced combi oven on the market before guests enjoyed a round the world buffet and then an afternoon of fun activities.

This new line of Unox professional ovens gives complete control of the cooking process with maximum creative freedom. Cutting edge MIND.Maps™ touch screen technology gives a level of precision in the cooking process that has never been seen before as the curves of temperature, humidity and air speed can be drawn directly on the display, controlling the process second by second.

In addition to the MIND.Maps™ technology this new line of combi ovens also offers simple automatic programs that can be launched at the touch of a button. Perfect, repeatable results, with the reliability and energy efficiency that come as standard in all Unox products.

Check out the photos from the event in our Gallery!

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