Baking consistency. Delivered.

Date: Friday, February 1, 2013

The BakerLux humidity convection ovens is designed to optimize the result of the most common baking processes.

Effectiveness and essentiality are the strengths of the BakerLux™ ovens!

Effective: BakerLux™ guarantees maximum cooking uniformity in any load condition.
Essential: BakerLux™ has been designed with the focus of creating a baking oven without anything that is superfluous.

In the digital Dynamic version with 10 direct-access programs, BakerLux™ ovens are the ideal mean for the bake off of frozen bread and pastry in supermarkets and convenience stores.
In the mechanical Manual version BakerLux™ oven are the perfect sum of performances and simplicity.

BakerLux™ is available in two versions: 6 and 10 pans 600×400.

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