As a leading manufacturer of professional ovens, UNOX business model is based around innovation, quality and ease of use, and is quickly becoming the benchmark in the industry because of this philosophy. UNOX values interaction with its customers and strives to maintain a positive relationship with them.

The History of UNOX

UNOX has a strong history of innovation within the industry. Its focus on development and inventiveness has helped secure UNOX as one of the leading companies supplying ovens.










In 2012 UNOX opened up its new headquarters - a modern, innovative and technological building.


The international expansion of the company continues. Unox is present with offices and branches in 25 countries worldwide and Unox products are distributed in more than 110 countries. From mid-2014 the exclusive MIND.Maps™ technology starts to take shape, an innovative technology that starts to be commercialized from the following year. Integrated in 2015 into the CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ lines, this signifies a distinct upgrade in the top of the range ovens, and it confirms Unox at the very pinnacle of innovation in the professional ovens market

UNOX was founded in 1990 with the production of Roberta and Arianna ovens, ancestors of the Line Micro™, principally for the Italian market.

In 1993 UNOX moved into its new premises. Between then and 1995 UNOX introduced the UFE 301, the first Combi 5 tray, the Rosella (Line Miss) and the Spido Cook.

In 1996 the UFG210 was created - the first gas powered UNOX Combi. This opened up the European market to UNOX and lead to an enlargement of the company's premises.

The production philosophy was the first important change in an industrial sense with the integration of stainless steel machining.

In 1999 the production space was increased to 2000 square meters of office space and three 2500 square meter warehouses. UNOX started rolling out products into the U.S. market.

The flagship UNOX ovens of today were born in the new millennium. The 4 - 6 - 10 pans BakerLux™ line of Combi ovens for bakery was the first, and then the 5 - 7 - 10 pans ChefLux™ Combi ovens were released. Gas powered versions of both product lines were released shortly after.

By 2004 the product line of Combi ovens dedicated to gastronomy is at version XV1003G. The first Combi oven - the GN ½ size is released.

The company buildings reach 12,000 square meters to make room for new product lines designed to fit the Lean production system philosophy. The SpidoCook™ line being the pilot proves to be immediately successful.

LineMiss™ and LineMicro™ production lines are designed and manufactured.

The Middle East off ice is opened in 2007 and 2009 sees the opening of the Australian office.

Tough economic times meant UNOX has had to be even more innovative than before to stay competitive and ensure that high standards are kept.

In 2011 two new oven lines are released - the ChefLux™ and the BakerLux™ - designed to perform the most common traditional cooking processes for gastronomy, pastry and bakery.

UNOX expands to South Africa and two new USA subsidiaries were opened.

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